WeedScan is your go to tool for rapid on-site pesticide screening of raw cannabis and concentrates. The tickets provide results in 6 minutes of less and are extemely affordable for consumers, growers, processors, dispensaries, and concerned consumers.  

How to Use Weedscan





  • Military Awarded Technology
  • Broad Spectrum Detection Capability
  • Find out if your cannabis has pesticides or toxic metals in under 6 minutes!

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1. Fill premeasured wash bag to the indicated line with the provided sample buffer.

2. Place cannabis in the bag and wash thoroughly for 1 minute to extract pesticides.

3. Remove the liquid extract from the wash bag using the pipet.

4. Put about 5 drops of the water extract in the sample well labeled "A" and about 5 drops of the same water extract in sample well "B".

5. View and read results between 5 and 5 1/2 minutes.

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  1. Does compliant product testing require detection of all unapproved pesticides?

Many of the states only require testing a small portion of unapproved pesticides. For example, the Washington State Department of Health requires testing only the following unapproved pesticides: Abamectin, Bifenthrin, Chlormequat chloride, Daminozide, DDVP (Dichlorvos), Imidacloprid, Myclobutanil, Paclobutrazol, Permethrin, Propiconazole, Spinosad, Spiromesifen and Uniconazole.

2. Why not test for all unapproved pesticides?

According to the Washington State Department of Public Health, “Testing for that many pesticides would be very costly and most of the pesticides are unlikely to be used on marijuana. We don’t want to make these tested products so expensive that people can’t afford them.” However, the reality is that many other pesticides not on the list could be present. This will allow very dangerous pesticides to enter the distribution chain without any measures to detect them!

3. Are cannabis concentrates such as oils, edibles, and drinks more likely to contain pesticides?

Yes, pesticide levels rise dramatically in concentrates after the extraction process. That means a pesticide may be undetectable in dry flower/trim, but much more detectable in finished concentrates. In fact, between 80 and 90% of concentrates are contaminated with pesticide levels exceeding 400 parts per million (ppm)[1].

Comparison of NIDS® WeedScan™ Rapid Tests VS. Other Commercial Pesticide Tests
Specification NIDS® WeedScan™ Other Rapid Pesticide Tests
Results in 5 minutes or less Yes No
One-step testing Yes No
Easy to read results Yes No
U.S. Army/EPA Validation Yes No
Logistical burden Low High
Automatic interpretation of results via iPhone App Yes No
Room Temperature Stability Yes No
Broad detection capability Yes No
Sensitivity High Low
False Positive rate Low High
Interfering Substances Low High
Broad sample testing (flower/trim & oils/concentrates Yes No
Cloud database and storage Yes No

Examples of Pesticides and Toxic/Heavy Metals Detected:

       * Denotes on the California State Bureau of Marijuana Control Pesticide List

         ^ Denotes on the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Action List

         # Denotes on the Oregon State Restricted Pesticide List           

[1] https://terpenesandtesting.com/cannabis-concentrates-pesticides/