ANP Health’s ACE Cannabis detection platform is a rapid total toxicity screening tool to prevent or reduce pesticide contamination on cannabis products. Utilizing this Military award-winning technology, originally developed for the U.S. Army for the on-site detection of nerve agents/pesticides in drinking water, cannabis companies such as growers, brokers, extractors, processors, and dispensaries, can now quickly test their raw cannabis flower & trim, in-process material & extracts, and final product for various insecticides or toxic/heavy metal contamination. Importantly, the rapid, easy to use, low-cost and broad-spectrum detection features make testing a sample a breeze. Powered by an advanced handheld reader for automated data analysis, storage, and sample tracking, the NIDS® ACE-CB-a/b rapid test kits provide users on-site monitoring capability and ultimately, allow cannabis companies to produce a high-quality product and avoid potential product losses caused by insecticide contamination.




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ACE-CB1000 Features:

  • NIDS® One-Step, Easy to Use Rapid Tests with Results in 5 to 12 minutes
  • Significant Testing Cost Reduction and Product Contamination Avoidance
  • Broad-Spectrum Pesticide and Toxic/Heavy Metal Screening Tool
  • Technology Tested and Validated by the U.S. Army and EPA
  • Automated Handheld Reader with Date/Time Stamping and Cloud Database Storage Capability

Full Kit comes equipped with NIDS® ACE-CB1000 Rapid Pesticide Detection System [contains a Handheld Reader with Software, 10 Paired Rapid Pesticide Test Packs (ACE-CB-a & ACE-CB-b paired tests) 20 Disposable Pipets and a standard sampling kit in a Hard Carry Case]

Examples of Pesticides and Toxic/Heavy Metals Detected:


3 reviews for ACE-CB1000

  1. Ryan

    At first I was quite skeptical of the ACE-CB1000 ability to detect the California pesticide panel. However, after using it in the field, the system proved to be extremely easy to use on-site and was very fast. It helped identify contaminated batches of raw cannabis that otherwise I would’ve invested in and eventually had to throw away.

  2. Adam

    I own a grow operation in California. We used the ACE-CB1000 to quickly screen for pesticides before sending cannabis out to the lab. So far, the screening process has saved countless dollars. Thanks ANP Health!

    • Greg Witham

      What great news! We are excited that the ACE-CB1000 has been treating you right. Keep the good vibes coming!As always, we appreciate your business.

      -ANP Health Team

  3. Jason

    One of the few products on the market that can help our facility ensure quality cannabis.

    • Greg Witham

      Thanks Jason for the great feedback! We are happy that we could help. Look forward to doing business with you again.

      -ANP Health Team

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