A large portion of the world’s tea is produced in India and China, both having relatively weak regulations on pesticides in exports. The U.S. imports a vast majority of its tea because of a lack of domestic production. According to a 2014 Government Accountability Office report, the FDA only tests one in ten imported food products. Many teas tested have been found to contain one or more pesticides as well as other contaminants like heavy metals. The FDA has found that imported tea contains high levels of pesticide residues. These include: permethrin, DDE , heptachlor epoxide, and acetamiprid. Some of these pesticides have been linked to cancer and the disruption of the endocrine system.

ANP Health has developed two products for the detection of pesticides in tea.

  • NIDS® Rapid Pesticide Test for Professional Use (ACE II)
    • ACE II is ideal for professional use to ensure pesticide-free tea and includes tests as well as a handheld reader.
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  • NIDS® Rapid Pesticide Test for Home Use (ACE III-C)
    • The ACE III Test can be used at home as a fast, easy test for pesticides in tea as well as other mediums such as water, food, milk, produce, and wine.
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ACE-II test procedure details 

ACE-III test procedure details 

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