Standard limits of pesticides in drinking water are established based upon the toxic effects attributed to just a single event exposure of the pesticide. This does not take into account the effects of long-term pesticide consumption. Although it may be deemed safe to drink certain drinking waters based upon the single use standards, long-term exposure to these pesticides is linked to health complications such as cancer, depression, neurological disease and brain abnormalities. Hazardous pesticide levels are unable to be detected in drinking water with the naked eye, leaving the consumer at risk of ailment.

ANP Health offers two products for the detection of pesticides in drinking water:

  • NIDS® Rapid Pesticide Test for Professional Use (ACE II)
    • ACE II is ideal for professional use to ensure safe drinking water and includes tests as well as a handheld reader.
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  • NIDS® Rapid Pesticide Test for Home Use (ACE III-C)
    • The ACE III Test can be used at home as a fast, easy test for pesticides in drinking water as well as other mediums such as food, produce, tea, and wine.
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ACE II test procedure details

ACE III test procedure details

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