15,000 Cancer Cases Could Stem From California Tap Water: Environmental Working Group Study

April 30, 2019: A new study from Environmental Working Group shows that drinking tap water in some California community water systems may increase the risk of cancer due to numerous contaminants.

Researchers from the environmental advocacy group estimated that about 221 annual cancer cases are attributed to drinking water contaminants in California, a state with approximately 39 million residents and about 15,449 estimated lifetime cancer cases. These contaminants include chemicals such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium and radioactive elements like uranium and radium.

The study was conducted by the Environmental Working Group and the findings published in a peer-reviewed journal BMC, part of Springer Nature.

The pivotal study highlights the need for rapid detection of toxic substances, including pesticides, herbicides, including glyphosate, for food safety and the health of the general public. The rapid pesticide screening system available from ANP Health can be a valuable tool for this purpose.

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