NIDS® ACE Rapid Test (ACE III)


The ACE Rapid Test is an affordable, fast, and easy way for home users to determine if high levels of pesticides are present in your food and drink. This test detects organophosphate and carbamate pesticides and toxic metals including lead and copper.  The ACE Rapid Test can be used on a wide variety of mediums such as water, produce, wine, and tea. Read more under products to find out how you can use the ACE Rapid Test to ensure your safety from harmful chemicals.

  • One-step test showing results in 6 minutes.

  • Ideal for the detection of pesticides and toxic/heavy metals in water, fruit, produce, teas, and wines.

  • Technology originally developed for the US Army.

  • A rapid and low-cost method to rule out contaminated food sources for people at home and on travel.

  • Great science project for kids!

  • Kit includes all test materials.


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