Tox Detective

Screen for Total Toxicity of Pesticides and Toxic Metals on Cannabis

The technology is fielded by the U.S. Military for drinking water testing in the fieldThe same low cost, one-step test can also rapidly detect a broad range of pesticides and toxic metals from various cannabis-products.

 This rapid test will allow growers, extractors and dispensaries to greatly reduce its testing cost and turn-around time. The customer will realize these benefits through reduced loss of each production batch due to pesticide contamination. Our revolutionizing approach can help save countless dollars for our customers both before and after harvesting cannabis.  

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Tox Detective

The handheld device is capable of analyzing data automatically and storing electronic record in the cloud that can be easily accessed on the integrated app or exported to a computer.

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Fully Equipped Kit

ANP Health presents a rapid on-site pesticide test kit for use by growers, extractors, dispensaries, and consumers that's easy to use and gives results within 12 minutes!

Some Examples of Pesticide and Toxic/Heavy Metal Sensitivities ACE-CB1000 Detects: